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Here at Noble Appliance Repair, We know how important a Refrigerator is to your daily routine. We carry more parts on hand than most of our competitors to get you up and running that day. On the off chance that we don't have your part on the truck for you Refrigerator, We always expedite the part at no additional charge to you. We want to see you up and running just as fast as we can.

Our standards diagnostic feel is always $68.
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Top 3 Refrigerator Repairs

Refrigerator Wont Make Ice Refrigerator Doesn't Cool Refrigerator Can't Keep Temp
Ice-makers have many points of failure to check during repair. Not all ice-makers are designed the same. Samsung ice-makers are nothing like LG ice-makers. It is important to know how these design differences affect the operation. For the sake of a consumer repair we will cover the basics of no ice production. This is the worst of all in the appliance repair world. Refrigerators that are not cooling costs the owner lots of money in lost food and having to buy that nights dinner every day or eat out. Refrigerators can stop cooling due to may different issues but we will go over the common ones hear. Your milk is too warm, your milk is frozen solid and all the vegetables that are spoiled in between. A refrigerator that cannot keep temperature is a money pit. There are a few things that consumers can do to check for common mistakes that they are making and can correct.
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Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Clean Condenser Coils Change Water Filter Wash Door Seal
The thing that everybody knows about but nobody cleans. Customers usually don't know just how bad things are in this department and are shocked when they fine out. Do you like the show Dirty Jobs? Well this one definitely qualifies. This may sound like a sales pitch, but it is not. Changing your filter regularly is a great way to prevent rust in your refrigerators water lines, ice building in the water lines and leaks in those same water lines due to freezing. Common sense right? Wrong! Most customers think that cleaning this seal is for astetics This is far from the case. Door seals keep the cold air in the refrigerator. Without door seals your unit stops working.
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Different Types of Refrigerators Noble Repairs

Side By Side Refrigerator French Door Refrigerator Bottom Out Refrigerator
Side By side refrigeration works similarly but distinctly different than other types of refrigerators. Side by side refrigerators require a separate training over and above basic refrigeration theory. French Door refrigerators are rising in popularity. They are notorious for having more electronic controls than any other type of refrigerator unit types and often have ice makers in the fresh food section. Bottom-Out Freezers as they are called are similar to the French door units in the way that they also have a drawer for freezer access but are short the water and ice dispenser feature.
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Professional Refrigerators Top Freezer Refrigerator Under-Counter Refrigerator
People who own a Built-In refrigeration unit, Sub-Zero, Viking, Thermador to name a few, know the advantages to the large price tag that accompanies them. Having experience with these units is key to proper repairs. The Top Freezer Bottom Fresh Food Refrigerators are the style that started it all. From the old saying “go in the Ice Box and grab me a cold one” these units have passed the test of time. Found in the mini bars and yachts of the world, these tiny units pack the cold as well as a price. These units seem simple enough when operating them however they sometimes have more control components in them than full sized units.
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Wine Cooler Beverage Drawers Ice Machines
“Life is too short to drink bad wine.” -Anonymous. Noble Appliance Repair knows that if you purchased a stand-alone wine cooler, you’re just as serious about having it up-and-running as we are. Once you know how convenient these lovely little inventions are, you know that no kitchen is ever complete with out a set of beverage drawers. Ice Machines are one of the best things on the earth, when they are working. The entertainment value of one ice machine can keep the party going much longer than is listed on the invitation.
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We will arrive on time and ready to work! You will be provided with a written work estimate prior to any repair! Our labor and parts always carry a warranty!

Our technicians are well experienced and have many years of field work behind them. We offer same day service, and no extra charge for evenings or weekend. We are always in your area, so there is no travel charge! Lastly, we only install brand new, factory recommended parts.



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"They came out the same day and fixed my refrigerator the first time out. I would recommend them to my friends and family."

B. Pluta, Rochester Michigan

"They came out the same day and fixed my refrigerator the first time out. I would recommend them to my friends and family."

B. Pluta, Rochester Michigan

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